BarrierClean Solar Cleaning: O&M Meets ROI

Renewable energy isn’t something you can afford to walk away from. For the greatest return on investment, you need to keep finding new ideas and committing to reinventing, replacing, re-energizing your system on a routine basis.

Dirty panels can lose 30% of their production capacity. Add to that sub optimized and damaged system components and you have serious dollar losses.

Say “hello” to BarrierClean Solar Cleaning. We’re your operations and maintenance partner – committed to keeping you in step with the best ongoing efficiency and savings options possible.

solarCleanMachineWe bring the full force of Barrier Solar’s knowledge to your site on a regular schedule.  Monitoring, data analytics, asset management support, in-field technicians, maintenance, cleaning and repair — if it’s an operations issue, we’re the experts who keep your solar system humming along.

Together, we’ll develop a custom energy plan, and then your role is to sit back and let us make you money!

Look to SolarClean by Barrier for:

  • Turn-key operations from Gen-Tie to module
  • Megawatt cleaning capabilities (3-4 hours per MW)
  • Warranty claim processing
  • Reliable data management by Deck, as well as Energy and Locus
  • Robust web- and cloud-based monitoring and HMI solutions
  • Customized scalable approach for each client’s reporting needs
  • More than 10MW /O&M experience
  • Barrier-certified technicians
  • Fully equipped service trucks
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Commissioning services
  • Barrier Guard monitoring for new and existing plants

Contact us today and reap even greater savings from your solar energy system!