A floor worthy of Ferrari.



A property owner built a stylish warehouse to showcase his Ferraris, complete with state-of-the-art simulators that enable the high-performance cars to “race” each other. Of particular concern was the flooring, which would need to be clean, durable and decorative to fit the room’s racing motif.


  • Installed a BASF sealed floor utilizing colored quartz flake.
  • Applied a urethane high gloss top coat for maximum durability.


This solution created a resilient, easily-cleanable flooring surface, and it enabled us to create a customized look reminiscent of the track surface on a world class race course.

“I’ve used Barrier for my roofing needs on several of my properties, and have always appreciated their creative and professional approach to problem-solving. When I needed a very special floor to properly display my collection
of exotic cars, I knew Barrier was the right company for the job. I wanted a flooring system that was clean, resilient and would be the proper accent to the cars, and Barrier’s creative and professional approach to this problem was exemplary. Barrier is my only choice for all my projects.”

P.R. Dal Pezzo, President & CEO, Elevon

Industrial Floor

Project Name: Elevon – Dal Pezzo Company
Location: Fresno, CA
Facility Type: Private showcase/playroom
Square Footage 4,300 sq. ft.
Substrate: Concrete