Leave it to Barrier to design a solar energy concept that really holds water.



Quad 7 charged Barrier with the task of designing a solar energy system that could be mounted on agricultural land that was being used as a water retention reservoir, in order to use the fallow ground as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


After careful examination of the reservoir land as well as anticipated runoff based on seasonal records over time, Barrier designed and engineered a solution that met the client’s challenge. The raised, ground-mounted solar array was installed in the reservoir at a height that keeps the panels well above the potential high-water mark, enabling the property to be productive year-round.


Quad 7 is now able to maximize the value of their fallow land by collecting water from rain and runoff, while simultaneously harvesting energy from the sun.

“We had this idea we’d never seen before, so we called the one solar company that had a reputation for embracing innovation: Barrier. They rose to the challenge, and we’re tremendously pleased with the results.”

Brian Richburg, Quad 7

230 kilowatt Solar Power System

“Barrier brought our vision to life, beautifully.”

Brian Richburg
Quad 7

Project Type: Agricultural
Client Name: Quad 7
Mount: Ground
Number of Panels: 750
Inverters: Solectrica
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 333,500