When this Church was Ready for a Cool Roof and Solar, Barrier was an Answer to Prayer.



A large, multi-facility church complex in a rapidly-growing region of North Fresno, Northpointe Church serves its community seven days a week. Keeping energy costs under control became a top priority as the facilities’ usage increased, so the church reached out to Barrier for a solution. Switching to solar energy was an obvious part of the answer, but as quickly became apparent: so was replacing the roof of the church’s main auditorium with an energy-efficient cool roof.


After assessing the auditorium’s structural considerations, Barrier replaced its original roof with a new cool roof. Additionally, upon calculating Northpointe’s energy needs, we designed, engineered and installed solar energy systems on multiple roof locations throughout the complex. All work was completed on time, and without disruption to the church’s operation.


The electrical requirements of Northpointe Church’s modern auditorium are now met almost entirely by its roof-mounted solar power system, in combination with its energy-efficient cool roof. The same is true for each of the other Northpointe facilities on which Barrier installed solar energy systems. With its electricity bills significantly reduced, the church is able to channel more funds into serving its community.

“We knew a cookie-cutter solution wasn’t going to work for us, so Barrier was definitely the right company for our upgrade. We’re reminded of that each month when the electric bill arrives.”

Jay Finley, Northpointe Church

Cool Roof and 254 Kilowatt Solar Power System

“Thanks to Barrier, our facilities and finances are both doing more.”

Jay Finley
Northpointe Church

Project Type: Church
Client Name: Northpointe Church
Roof Substrate: BUR
Roof Sq. Ft: 48,000
Roof Coating: 1.5” poly foam (R10) acrylic top coat with granules
Solar Mount: Roof
Number of Panels: 850
Inverters: SMA
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 368,000