This church has one of the largest solar installations in the US. And they’re singing Barrier’s praises.



Clovis Hills Community Church is a contemporary house of worship on a sprawling campus serving the needs of a large surrounding community. When they approached Barrier about switching to solar energy, the project would become one of the largest solar installations for a church in the entire United States. Aside from the scale of the project, identifying the most appropriate location for the installation would also be a challenge.


After examining the church campus and facilities, it was initially decided that a roof mounted solar energy installation would be the best option. But after further discussion with the client’s team regarding their current and planned property usage, it was agreed that a ground-mounted installation was, in fact, the more sensible option. Barrier installed the 1,100-panel system without delay and without disrupting the church’s operations.


Clovis Hills Community Church now runs almost entirely on the electricity produced by its solar installation, with energy bills near zero even in the area’s 100-degree summer months. The client is beyond pleased. Called to be good stewards of finances and earth’s resources, the church is a vivid example of practicing what it preaches.

“Barrier never made us feel like this was just another job. They listened. They adjusted. And they came up with exactly the right solution for us. They were a blessing from day one.”

Dave Cameron, Clovis Hills Community Church

320 kilowatt Solar Power System

“Going the extra mile is all in a day’s work for Barrier”

Dave Cameron
Clovis Hills Community Church

Project Type: Church
Client Name: Clovis Hills Community Church
Mount: Ground
Number of Panels: 1100
Inverters: SMA
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 464,000