A cool roof and solar energy became a sweet deal for this syrup manufacturer



The Lyons Magnus facility in Fresno, California, is one of the nation’s largest syrup manufacturing operations. In an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize its environmental impact, the company tasked Barrier with the installation of a cool roof system and solar energy system – to be implemented according to precise target deadlines and without disrupting production.


After extensively reviewing the company’s energy usage and structural considerations, Barrier designed and engineered a cool roof system and roof-mounted photovoltaic energy system to significantly reduce electricity costs. After careful review of Lyons Magnus’ daily workflow patterns, Barrier devised in installation schedule that resulted in all deadlines being met without disrupting production.


Barrier completely replaced the food processing company’s roof with a brand new cool roof and custom-engineered solar energy system, resulting in significantly reduced power consumption, electricity costs and environmental impact. The company is extremely satisfied.

“The difference Barrier made is nothing short of astonishing. Power consumption used to represent a substantial part of our operating budget, and now it’s practically zero. That’s a game changer.”

Kris Porter, Lyons Magnus

Cool roof and 596 kilowatt Solar Power System

“We keep more of what we earn, thanks to Barrier.”

Kris Porter
Lyons Magnus

Project Type: Manufacturing
Client Name: Lyons Magnus
Roof Substrate: Metal
Roof Sq. Ft: 46,864
Roof Coating: 2” poly foam (R14) acrylic top coat with granules
Solar Mount: Roof
Number of Panels: 1986
Inverters: Solaredge
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 178,000