Stanley Residence



Dr. Stanley’s home required a solar energy system that was powerful enough to meet its high energy needs, yet compact enough to be installed on a roof with steep angles and limited surface area. Additionally, the system would need to be aesthetically pleasing to fit the décor of the prestigious neighborhood.


Barrier designed a system using sleek, black monocrystalline panels with enphase micro-inverters that delivered maximum efficiency given the steepness and multiple roof angles. Low-profile racking was also utilized to create an elegant, streamlined look.


Dr. Stanley’s solar power system is actually overperforming by 10%, completely eliminating his monthly electricity bill. At this pace, the system will completely pay for itself in less than 5 years.

“With today’s energy inflation, I never dreamed I could get my electric bill down to zero dollars per month, but that’s a regular occurrence thanks to Barrier. These guys know their stuff, and created a system which was custom-tailored to my home and will pay for itself in just five years. I’m very impressed!”
Dr. Doug Stanley, Homeowner
Project Type: Residential 17 kw
Client Name: Dr. Doug Stanley
Mount: Roof/Iron Ridge
Panels: REC/Monocrystalline (76)
Inverter(s): Enphase
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 25,270 kwhrs


17 Kilowatt
Solar Power Systems

“Barrier Solar cut my
electric bills to $0!”

Dr. Doug Stanley