Saving big with solar is par for the course.



When new owners began revitalizing the aging Gold Hills Golf Course, their plan included a commitment to going green with solar energy. The optimum site for the large ground-mount system was on the side of a steep hill, complicating its design and installation.


Barrier created a system using 576 Yingli solar panels, custom mounted to allow for the slope, and installed without disruption to the golf course’s operation or other improvement projects.


Since switching to solar, Gold Hills Golf Course enjoys substantially lower electric bills and more than enough electricity to power its pro shop, irrigation system, maintenance shop and fleet of electric golf carts. The course also enjoys the support of its community for its environmental leadership.

“Barrier made our transition to solar energy smooth and seamless. We appreciated their attention to detail in designing our system, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the energy savings we’re seeing. Thanks to Barrier, other golf courses are looking to us as a model of green leadership.”
Mike Thomason, Owner, Gold Hills Golf Course
Project Type: Recreational
Client Name: Gold Hills Golf Course
Mount: IronRidge Ground Mount
Panels: 576
Inverter(s): 1 (Power One 100kW) 2 (Fronious 11.4)
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 179,000

132,480 Kilowatt
Solar Power Systems

“We are so happy with the
system we are looking to expand
our use of solar!”

Mike Thomason
Owner, Gold Hills Golf Course[/fusion_text]