Office building gets a double boost of energy efficiency.



The client wanted a solar energy system placed atop a carport that was not only functional, but that would also contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the office complex where it was located. The required location of the carport put the slope for the solar panels facing in the wrong direction, so Barrier designed the carport to support tilted solar panels, solving a problem and increasing the energy output from the panels.

The office building also needed a new roof to improve energy efficiency and improve temperature control.


Barrier Solar Power Systems built a 4,500-square-foot carport, at a length of 120 feet, and installed 192 monocrystalline solar panels. Also on board is an SMA Sunny Tower 36 kilowatt inverter system that maximizes rebates and the systems power production.

Barrier Roofing applied a polyfoam cool roofing system at a 3-inch depth over 27,647 square feet.


Since Barrier designed and installed the carport with an integrated solar power system, our client has eliminated 100 percent of the electricity previously needed to serve the common area at the office complex. The system produces 50,000 kilowatt hours of energy for the site. Additionally, the complex is now more green-friendly as the net result of the project is similar to removing seven automobiles from the road and planting nine acres of trees.

An added bonus – employees and visitors to the office complex now have access to 40 covered parking spaces.

The cool roof has increased the office building’s overall energy efficiency and
eliminated any potential gaps that would allow for leaks.

Project Type: Commercial
Client Name: Palmdon
Substrate: Carport
Panels: 292
Square Footage: 4,500 square feet
Kilowatts Produced: 50,000 kilowatt hours

32 Kilowatt
Solar Power Systems & Energy Star Roof

“The solar carport is not only saving us a great deal of money but allows our customers the added benefits of shaded parking!”

Eric Peterson
Property Manager