$0 electric bills. And that’s no fabrication.



Located in a historic building constructed in the 1930s, Beverly Fabrics needed to make its store more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible, while preserving the vintage architecture and charm of its highly-visible location. This would require Barrier to work on a busy, one-way downtown street, craning panels onto the rooftop and ensuring that the store remained open throughout the three-month process.


Barrier addressed this project as an integrated roofing and solar energy project. By applying an Energy Star sprayed polyurethane foam Cool Roof, Barrier was able to install a solar system that was 10 percent smaller than would have been required with a less energy-efficient roof. With a roof solution in place, Barrier designed and installed a solar energy system using 456 Yingli rooftop solar panels and replaced the store’s antiquated electrical system, all with minimal impact on the traffic and without disrupting the store’s operation.


Since switching to its Barrier solar system, Beverly Fabrics’ monthly electricity bill has been reduced to $0, and the store is completely energy-independent. Additionally, the project has decreased greenhouse gases while boosting the local economy.

“It was a big endeavor, but it was very well worth it. As soon as the solar electric system was turned on, the meter was spinning backward. Now the store’s four owners have installed solar electric systems on each of their personal residences!”
Bob Sleeper, Owner, Beverly Fabrics Inc.
Project Type: Commercial
Client Name: Beverly Fabrics
Mount: IronRidge
Panels: 456
Inverter(s): 3 (Fronious 33.3 kW)
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 171,707

69,920 Kilowatt
Solar Power Systems

“As soon as the solar electric system was turned on, the meter was spinning backward.”

Bob Sleeper
Owner, Beverly Fabrics Inc.