Need a Cool Roof and Solar like this Coatings Manufacturer? Barrier’s Got You Covered.



General Coatings manufactures a full range of industrial, commercial and residential coatings at their Central California plant. Barrier’s initial challenges involved installing a cool roof and solar energy system without disrupting plant operations, but a new challenge emerged during those processes: we determined that the building’s antiquated electrical system required a significant upgrade as well.


Barrier replaced the building’s aging roof with an energy-efficient cool roof, and installed a roof-mounted solar energy system which we custom-designed and engineered – all with no interruption to the client’s business. Additionally, Barrier’s technicians upgraded the building’s electrical system to support the needs of the facility and new power plant.


The General Coatings plant now operates much more efficiently and economically, and the client enjoys 80% energy savings.

“Barrier was incredibly thorough and detailed in their approach to our project, so we were confident in every aspect. The energy savings are just as impressive.”
Will Lorenz, VP of Sales

Cool Roof and 152 Kilowatt Solar Power System

Project Type: Manufacturing
Client Name: General Coatings Manufacturing Corp.
Roof Substrate: Metal
Roof Sq. Ft: 55,000
Roof Coating: 2” poly foam (R14) acrylic top coat with granules
Solar Mount: Roof
Number of Panels: 510
Inverters: SMA
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 220,400