With Barrier, this medical office has $0 energy costs and a clean bill of health.



Family Care Providers Medical Group serves a large and diverse base of patients in Central Fresno, practicing modern healthcare while keeping costs under control by working from an antiquated building. Barrier was tasked with the dual challenges of designing a solar energy system for the building and enabling the client to pay for the system while continuing to keep patient costs low.


Barrier designed, engineered and installed a carport-mounted solar energy system for the client’s building, and worked with the client to developed new rate schedules that were mutually agreeable.


The carport system has eliminated the client’s energy costs and provided the additional benefit of shaded parking. And with the new rate schedules, Barrier was able to optimize the client’s payback, enabling Family Care Providers to stay true to their mission of keeping patient costs under control.

“Barrier went above and beyond our every expectation, not only solving our current needs but anticipating those to come. We felt we were in good hands with Barrier from day one.”

Dr. David Cardona, Family Care Providers Medical Group

195 kilowatt Solar Power System

“Barrier is a problem-solver, just like us.”

Dr. David Cardona
Family Care Providers Medical Group

Project Type: Medical
Client Name: Family Care Providers Medical Group
Mount: Carport
Number of Panels: 640
Inverters: SMA
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 282,750