Davis Residence



Mr. Davis wanted to install a solar energy system to escape the skyrocketing cost of electricity, but lives in a planned golf course community with strict homeowners’ association rules. The challenge was providing a solar solution that complied with community guidelines, while complementing the look of the client’s Spanish-style home.


With a blend of quality solar panels, low profile racking and top-of-the-line inverters, Barrier created a system capable of producing enough energy to meet the needs of the 7,000 sq. ft. home and its family of five, without detracting from its appearance.


Since the installation, Mr. Davis’ electric bill has been eliminated, and his home has maintained its visual appeal. With all the rebates currently available, his system will pay for itself in around seven years, enabling Mr. Davis to claim true energy independence.

“I’m a contractor myself, so I’m particular about how things are done. Barrier did an A+ job, and because they specialize not only in solar but also roofing, it was much simpler to deal with just one contractor. We could see a cost savings from day one, and we are very pleased with the decision we made.  As of right now, our power bill is zero!”
Stephan Davis, Homeowner
Project Type: Residential
Client Name: Mr. Stephan Davis
Mount: Pro-Solar (J) Hook/Spanish Tile Roof
Panels: Yingli 230 (66)
Inverter(s): SMA
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 25,000

    16.1 Kilowatt
    Solar Power Systems

    “They did an A+ job and…
    they specialize not only in solar but also roofing.”

    Stephan Davis