Cline Cellars now has insulated wine tanks and a solar-powered roof. That’s vintage Barrier.



Cline Cellars is located in one of the windiest regions of California and needed its roof and wine tanks insulated, the roof replaced and a solar energy system installed. To apply coatings in the wind, Barrier innovated a stand-alone “spray booth” on site in which 3 wine tanks at a time would be insulated while shielded from the wind. In addition to insulating the wine tanks, Barrier needed to waterproof and insulate the roof, a task complicated by the 300 mounting brackets required for the solar energy system. Barrier teamed up with SolarCraft on this installation.


  • Tank — 4” polyfoam
  • 45 mils polyurea basecoat
  • 22 mils urethane top coat


Barrier applied 4” of polyurethane foam insulation to each wine tank with no impact from the wind, installed and sealed hundreds of mounting brackets and applied insulation to the facility’s roof as well. Finally, the photovoltaic solar energy panels were installed on the roof for maximum efficiency.

“I used Barrier for tank insulation and foam roofing, and the job needed to be perfect and tidy. It was a hard job and Barrier did a great job – they were reliable, punctual and provided good service. The foam roof has changed the whole feeling of the wine storage and we’ve experienced energy savings, too. Having the foam coating  installed is a smart, energy-efficient thing to do.”
Peggy Phelan, Director of Operations, Cline Cellars

Facility Type: Wine processing and storage facility
Number of Panels: 304
Square Footage: 60,000 sq. ft. (roof) + 22 wine tanks
Substrate: Metal

Cline 11-21-05 021

Roof/Solar System & Wine Tank Insulation

“Barrier did a great job – they were reliable, punctual and provided good service.”

Peggy Phelan
Director of Operations, Cline Cellars