Clark Residence



Mr. Clark wanted to switch to solar energy, but needed a quick turnaround as rebates were dropping fast. He was also concerned about the installation interfering with the clean lines of his home’s architecture.


Barrier’s team of customer service agents, installers, and project managers worked together to file all necessary documents, prior to rebates dropping. They installed a 28-panel solar system on Mr. Clark’s composite shingle roof, and were able to obtain upgraded panels at no extra cost.


Mr. Clark was able to achieve energy independence, while qualifying for maximum rebates from the federal government and the California Solar Initiative. This was all done in a seamless transition that preserved his home’s architectural aesthetics. Mr. Clark’s carbon footprint has been greatly reduced, and his electric bills virtually eliminated

“Barrier did a fantastic job. It is
everything they said, and more. My electric bill has been virtually nothing, and I haven’t had any leaks when it rains. I’ve been real happy about that. I’ve already recommended Barrier to several people.”
Fred Clark, Homeowner
Project Type: Residential
Client Name: Mr. Fred Clark
Mount: Rapid Rack/Composite Roof
Panels: REC (28)
Inverter(s): Fronius
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 11,000

6 Kilowatt
Solar Power Systems

“I’ve already recommended
Barrier to several people.”

Fred Clark