This lighting manufacturer saves thousands on energy with Barrier’s bright ideas.



BK Lighting is a world renowned outdoor illumination manufacturer, known for innovative and energy-efficient products. Unfortunately, its facility did not reflect those qualities; its old roof and antiquated solar power system resulting in high energy costs. Barrier was challenged to replace the roof and upgrade the solar system to reduce – or, ideally, eliminate – the client’s energy bills, without disrupting operations.


Barrier removed the aging roof and outdated solar system, and installed an energy-efficient cool roof and state-of-the-art solar powerhouse custom-designed and engineered to produce more than enough energy for the client’s operational needs. Additionally, we installed solar carports to enhance the system’s power while providing much-appreciated shaded parking.


BK Lighting’s facility is now consistent with the company’s reputation for innovation and energy-efficiency, with leading-edge technologies in both its cool roof and solar energy system. More importantly, Barrier has enabled the client to produce enough power to virtually eliminate its reliance on the utility.

“The Barrier team exceeded our expectations in every way, from their professionalism to the quality of their work and, of course, the energy savings are off the charts. We couldn’t be happier.”

Nathan Sloan, BK Lighting

Cool roof and 358 kilowatt Solar Power System

“As energy innovators ourselves, we had a real connection with Barrier.”

Nathan Sloan
BK Lighting

Project Type: Warehouse
Client Name: BK Lighting
Roof Substrate: BUR
Roof Sq. Ft: 80,800
Roof Coating: 1.5” poly foam (R10) acrylic top coat with granules
Solar Mount: Roof, Carport
Number of Panels: 1200
Inverters: Solaredge
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 520,000